First out of the Gate

So here we are.

It occurs that the title is probably a misnomer as I might not post every day. But it’s better than my other idea, ‘road to recovery’, which sounds.. urgh.

Anyhoo. This thing is being started because of the massive change in my life. This is what happened.

Sunday, I woke up, couldn’t see properly, my right side was weak and unresponsive. I managed – just about – to get to the toilet and wee and then went back to bed to sleep. Woke up again, things were still the same but worse. Managed to get out of bed by falling out of it (picking up some nasty bruises and scrapes doing so) and dragged myself downstairs, found my mobile, couldn’t get my unlock code in properly but emergency numbers were available so I called 999 and asked for ambulance – just about cos my speech was garbled and my tounge was swollen and useless. They came, I dragged myself to the door and managed to get my keys through the letter box to let them in. Got taken to A&E and later to a ward. Slept most of Sunday and Monday found me with some use back in my right side and I could speak better.

I got let out yesterday afternoon (wednesday) after a few days of tests. Everything is better, but I still lack energy. The diagnosis is probable Epileptic seizure but they want to do more tests to be sure. Meantime, I can’t drive for a year, and I guess now I’m going to be a little reliant on other people until I come back all the way.

This blog is going to be a daily – or whatever – setting out of my thoughts and feelings. Before this happened, I would never in a million years be doing such a thing. But there’s a new reality I’m going to have to get used to, whatever that turns out to be.

I saw a thingie on on Facebook today that just about sums up my life at the moment.



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