Second Up

New Day.

There is still a general lack of impetus and energy and if I don’t do anything for a while, it takes time to get spun up. There is also still a difference in strengths between my left and right sides. Dexterity mostly, again really only noticeable if I’ve not done anything in a while. I’m also right handed, which is probably why I’m noticing.

Everyone has been really supportive and helpful. I’ve somehow developed a support network. I will be the first to admit that I can be pretty unsociable, even when I’m being sociable. I can think of many events where I’ve been off by myself wondering how long I can avoid talking to anyone and when I can conceivably get out and go home. I may even have been rude to people if they tried talking to me, in fact I’m pretty sure I have been. I found that if you join a conversation in progress and look like you’re part of it – without actually being part of it – no one will bother you much. I may look like I’m part of what’s going on but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

However, I don’t like to be home all the time. It’s one reason I like having a job; it gets you out of the house and around other people in a controlled setting. And of course you earn money doing it.


One comment

  1. Trudie Anne Masters · July 6, 2015

    hello, found the reply…..Hope that your days are cooler than here..32.5ºC ..great idea to write the blog… loved the 2nd post… fond memories of you….take care xxx


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