And now for something completely different.

The original purpose of this blog was going to be a meandering commentary on my recovery from the event that happened a few weeks ago. But after a second mini event that screwed up my eyesight badly – and continues to do so to a lesser extent – I decided it would be in danger of a continuous, self-pitying whine.

So I’m going to do something different. Many years ago, I wrote a lot, most of it was terrible, some of it was good. I wrote through good times, I wrote through bad times. I told myself stories in my head all the damn time and some of them ended up on paper, or on-line. One such creation ended up as part of a couple of Star Trek email sims and there I met Derrick Ferguson, well before he created Dillon and got himself published.

And so was born the legendary partnership of Eve Mallory and Denys Fotheran. Amazingly, the website is still up and accessible. But somewhere along the line, it fell by the wayside. Derrick wanted to concentrate on writing things that would earn him money – and who could blame him?

Me? I don’t know what happened I lost all confidence in my writing, to the point where writing anything just filled me with utter disgust that I should even produce such crap – and that’s being polite.

But now, I find I have time on my hands, while I recover. So I am going to attempt to write one of the stories on the list  ‘None So Blind’. I still have an idea of what I wanted to happen and I know I have an opening scene written down somewhere. I shall track it down and put it up. I will try and write something every day, I’m doing this publicly because.. well I don’t know why.

Watch this space. ‘None so Blind’s is coming.


One comment

  1. sally goodchild · July 19, 2015

    Keep on writing Jason I look forward to reading it! xx


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